Our History

Established in 1993, the Georgetown-Scott County Regional Airport embarked on its journey with a modest 4,000-foot runway and a single 80×100 hangar, operating without any initial income. Today, owing to the visionary leadership of city and county officials, the Georgetown-Scott County Airport boasts a remarkable transformation:

What began as a meager five hundred dollar investment by the Airport Board in 1987 has blossomed into an impressive asset valued at over twenty million dollars. The airport's infrastructure has flourished to encompass a 5,500-foot runway accompanied by a parallel taxiway, facilitating streamlined operations. A trio of instrument approaches and a high-intensity lighting system enhance navigational capabilities.

An expansive 80×100 community hangar now features an integrated terminal, fostering a sense of community engagement. The terminal itself spans 4500 square feet, serving as a hub of activity. Further augmenting the airport's capacity are four T-hangar buildings, each accommodating eleven aircraft, in addition to a series of six box hangars, two 66×100 hangars, and a leasehold hangar measuring 100×120.

Reflecting the airport's commitment to corporate services, three 100×120 corporate heated hangars have been established, and the process of adding two more is underway, providing a conducive environment for business aviation. Maintenance equipment, adept at handling diverse weather conditions, ensures impeccable upkeep of the runway and premises.

The airport has also demonstrated substantial financial growth, boasting sales exceeding 1.5 million dollars this year. Additionally, a flourishing air charter operation has set up base on the premises, contributing to the airport's vitality.

The airport accommodates a vibrant aviation community, with a notable ninety aircraft based on-site, including a significant presence of corporate aircraft. This evolution from humble beginnings to a thriving aviation hub showcases the remarkable progress of the Georgetown-Scott County Regional Airport over the years.